RVing 101: Test Drive and See Why

Entegra Coach is the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today. Period. You only need one test drive in one of our beautiful coaches to see (and feel) why we stand so firmly behind that statement. Below are the five reasons why driving an Entegra Coach is one of the best experiences to be had on the road.


1) We build on a Spartan Chassis.

Just like your home, it's important to get the foundation right. That's why we build on a Spartan Chassis. Founded in 1975, Spartan has been a leading innovator in the industry. They engineer and build their chassis to feel like a luxury vehicle. Their innovations include the independent front suspension and the rear tag axle. These two features alone contribute so much to the ride and handling of your coach. Without them, you would experience harsher bumps, louder vibrations and significant drifting on the road.


2) We use an exclusive X-Bridge™ Frame.

The Spartan chassis as we receive it is a fantastic piece of equipment. It’s as high quality as they come, but at Entegra we take extra measures to resist the tendency to flex and twist. That’s why we add the Exclusive X-Bridge Frame bracing, adding rigidity to the frame. What you want in a coach is a strong structure that resists this give and take, which is what Entegra delivers.

We add 10 high-strength x-braces along the chassis: 4 horizontally along the bottom; 4 vertically through the middle; and 2 horizontally along the top. The locations are chosen with meticulous detail by our engineers to ensure the best and most efficient means of bolstering the frame.


3) We use a wood floor construction.

The primary reasons we use wood are its natural strength and ability to absorb vibration. Many of our competitors will use a steel or aluminum floor, touting its strength. And yes, metal is very strong. But a major downside to building on a sheet of metal is that it’s a natural conductor. One of our favorite analogies is the tuning fork. Build a tuning fork out of wood and try to tune your piano… it will be impossible. That’s because the vibration of hitting the fork is immediately dissipated in the wood, while metal will ring and ring. The vibration doesn’t only go through metal, it resonates. Not so with wood. With Entegra, all of the road noise on your long trip, potholes on that back road, and speedbumps at the campground are dampened by the floor.


4) We tile around our cabinetry.

You may be wondering, “Why is this so important?” Most motorhome manufacturers will tile the entire floor and then place the cabinetry on top of it. But there’s something that we, at Entegra Coach, know: like likes like. Therefore, we adhere the hand-crafted wood cabinetry directly to the wood floor with glue and screws and not to the tile. In doing so, we greatly reduce squeaking, cracking, and the possibility of your cabinets coming loose over time.


5) We build residential-style walls and roofs.

There are two types of walls: vacuum-bonded or hung. Most of the competition uses vacuum-bonded walls, but at Entegra Coach, we use a hung wall because it resembles the walls in your house.

Our walls are built on 16-inch centers or less, allowing us to set them right on top of the floor and then go inside and fasten them directly to the floor with 8-inch carriage bolts. Once the frame for the wall is in place, we start layering. First with wallboard, followed by a layer of Astrofoil insulation, followed by batting insulation, which has been overcut and stuffed into each pocket to ensure that no sagging occurs and no gaps are present. Then finally, to the exterior of all of this, we secure a piece of fiberglass with adhesive and then hold the fiberglass in place for 12 hours to give it ample time to setup properly, significantly reducing the chances for a delamination situation.

Additionally, the fact that we use batting insulation instead of polystyrene in our walls greatly increases the sound barrier you’ll get in an Entegra Coach compared to our competitors with the vacuum-bonded walls.


So there you have it – the five reasons Entegra Coach is the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today. Period. Go experience it for yourself. Visit us at a show or your nearest dealer for a test drive. 


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