Why Choose a Luxury Diesel Entegra Coach? Wood Floor Construction

We’ve already shared 2 reasons why you should choose a luxury diesel Entegra. Both were components making up the strong foundation we build to support your coach; a foundation that we believe is the best. In fact, Entegra is the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today. Period. And the 3rd reason, another foundational component, is a major contributor to Entegra Coach being the best.

Why? We build on a wood floor



The primary reasons we use wood are its natural strength and ability to absorb vibration. Many of our competitors will use a steel or aluminum floor, touting its strength. And yes, metal is very strong. But a major downside to building on a sheet of metal is that it’s a natural conductor. One of our favorite analogies is the tuning fork. Build a tuning fork out of wood and try to tune your piano… it will be impossible. That’s because the vibration of hitting the fork is immediately dissipated in the wood, while metal will ring and ring. The vibration doesn’t only go through metal, it resonates. Not so with wood. So all of the road noise on your long trip, potholes on that back road, and speedbumps at the campground are dampened by the floor.

Some will say that wood is not a long-lasting material. Dry rot, bugs, critters, moisture… wood is susceptible to them all. Our challenge to that is to compare the structure of your home to that of an Entegra Coach. Your home is built on a wood frame. While it’s built, it’s exposed to the elements. Rain, the burning sun, bugs; they all get a chance to interact with the wooden frame. Then it gets covered up, left alone to do its job for 100+ years. Entegra Coach floors are built in a controlled environment. They aren’t built off site and brought over on an open trailer. They aren’t built then stored outside. They’re built one at time in our dedicated production facility, then immediately put on the chassis. Their exposed sides get covered by moisture repellant materials underneath and on the sides, while tile is hand laid on top. This way our owners get all the sound-dampening benefits of wood, as well as the strength and rigidity they need.

Our wood floor is a key component to the foundation of the coach. The Spartan Chassis brings a luxurious ride and superior handling experience. The X-Bridge™ frame adds rigidity, letting the top-notch suspension do its job most effectively. Any vibration that’s left is then dissipated into the wood floor, keeping the ride the quietest in the industry. This further protects your in-coach equipment, appliances, and gadgets. So not only does it give a better travel experience, it helps to protect your coach for the long-haul. When you choose Entegra, you won’t be disappointed.

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Our motorhomes are the quietest riding, best handling coaches on the market today. We know this because Entegra Coach owners tell us all the time how much they enjoy the ride. Learn 5 other reasons why you should choose a luxury diesel pusher from Entegra.