6 Reasons Entegra Coach Luxury Diesel Motorhomes Offer a Better Ride

Our luxury diesel motorhomes are the quietest riding, best handling coaches on the market today. Period. We know this because Entegra Coach luxury diesel owners tell us over and over again how much they enjoy the ride. We also know because of all the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into the specific goal of delivering a superior ride. Here are a few of the ways we get it done.

Residential-Style Walls

You might be wondering what walls have to do with your on-the-road experience. It’s all about sound. Reducing sound that comes into the cab from the living area goes a long way toward a quieter ride. How do we do it? In addition to hanging our walls for more stable construction, we use batting insulation instead of polystyrene for a superior sound barrier.

Learn more about how we hang the walls on our Luxury Diesel models and how they compare to more common vacuum-bonded walls here.

Hand-Tiled Floors

Again, you may wonder what tile has to do with a comfortable ride. Well, instead of affixing our hand-crafted wooden cabinetry to tile, we screw and glue it to the wooden floor and lay tile around it by hand. As we say around here, “like, likes like”, because the purer connection between wood and wood reduces pesky squeaking you hear in other coaches as you cruise down the road because of an unnatural wood-to-tile connection.  

Wood-Floor Construction

This one is pretty simple, wood does not conduct sound while steel or aluminum does. This feature, along with the walls and tiling, combine to significantly reduce road noise and absorb shock before it reaches the cab and livable area of the coach. 

Read more and see how we ensure the wood we use is protected and stays strong for the long haul here

The Entegra-Exclusive X-Bridge Frame

We add 10 high-strength x-braces along the chassis: four horizontally along the bottom, four vertically through the middle, and two horizontally along the top. Their placements are strategically chosen by our engineers to ensure they reduce twisting and flexing on the road. Not only does this stabilize the coach as you drive, but also reduces strain.

We Build on a Spartan Chassis

Every one of our Class A luxury diesel coaches is built on a Spartan® chassis. We choose to use Spartan because they’ve been building chassis that are designed for a luxurious ride for more than 40 years. Their innovations include the independent front suspension and the rear tag axle. These both soften bumps, vibrations and drift.

The newest additions to our lineup are the Reatta and ultra-luxurious Reatta XL, compact Luxury Diesel models that measure in between 37 or 39 feet and are built on the Spartan K1 chassis. The K1 360 chassis, exclusive to Entegra Coach and Jayco, is the only shorter luxury chassis that includes independent front suspension.

Learn more about the advantages of the premium Spartan chassis and the 2020 Reatta and Reatta XL. 

While our Luxury Diesel coaches provide the best ride, that’s not all they deliver on. Their luxurious interiors and high-tech amenities make travel a joy on and off the road. Find photos, specifications, décor and more for all Luxury Diesel models here


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