2021 Reatta





The Reatta offers modern luxury in a shorter Class A body with independent front suspension (IFS). With a digital dashboard that features an improved graphics processor, enjoy the convenience of having a 360° camera monitoring, built-in GPS navigation, radio control, and Bluetooth® phone commands all at your fingertips. You can feel confident knowing you have everything you need as you experience your next great adventure.


Product Video


Ward = wardrobe

Lav = bathroom sink

Med = medicine cabinet

Ohc = overhead cabinets

Fridge = refrigerator

Micro = microwave

Exterior Graphics

Standards & Options


Air Connection Remote air connection
Alternator 170-amp alternator
Braking System ABS brakes on front and rear
Chassis Spartan® K1 raised-rail chassis
Chassis Battery (2) 12V chassis batteries
DEF Tank 10-gal. DEF tank (driver side fill)
Engine Cummins® B6.7 turbocharged 360 HP engine 800 lb. ft. torque at 1,800 RPM
Engine Block Heater 750 watt engine block heater
Engine Brake Variable geometry turbo (VGT) engine brake
Front Axle Independent front air suspension (IFS) front axle- 12,600-lb.(37K) 14,320-lb.(39BH/39T2)
Front Suspension Independent front air suspension
Fuel Tank 100-gal. fuel tank (driver side fill)
Hitch 10,000-lb. hitch with 7/4-pin plug
Leveling System Equalizer hydraulic automatic leveling system
Radiator Rear-mounted radiator
Rear Axle Rear axle 20,000-lb. (37K) 22,000-lb. (39BH/39T2)
Rear Axle Ratio 4.88 rear axle ratio
Shocks Bilstein® 46mm shocks
Tires Michelin® 275/80R 22.5" tires
Tire Pressure Monitoring Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) with temperature monitoring
Tow Air Brake System Spartan® Safehaul tow vehicle air brake system
Transmission Allison® 3,000 MH 6-speed transmission
Turning Radius 55° turning radius


Floor Vacuum-bonded layers of Darco underbelly, a welded aluminum frame, R-9 bead-foam insulation, 3/8" Structurewood® and 1/4" plywood
Frame X-Bridge™ bracing welded into chassis frame
Front Cap Insulated front and rear caps (R-24) with steel-reinforced front cap and windshield frame
Roof One-piece fiberglass with 3/8" plywood decking, 4" arched aluminum trusses, insulation and reflective Flexfoil® (R-24)
Slideouts Electric-powered slideout rooms
Walls Vacuum-bonded, high-gloss gelcoat with R-8 bead-foam insulation

Heat, AC, Water & Power

Air Conditioning (3) 15,000 BTU A/C units with heat pumps [(2)15,000 BTU units with heat pumps on 37K]
Batteries (2) L16 AGM batteries (6V/390 amp hrs. ea.)
Black Holding Tank Sprayer Black holding tank sprayer
Black Tank Management Sani-Con® Macerator holding tank dump system with manual gate valves and manual backup
Electrical Hookup 50 amp power cord
Generator Onan® 8,000 watt diesel generator, with automatic start, on slide-out tray
Heating System 35,000 BTU furnace (37K)/ (1) 20,000 and (1) 30,000 (39BH, 39T2)