Why Choose a luxury diesel Entegra Coach? Our Residential-Style Construction

And here we are, at the 5th and final reason why Entegra Coach is the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today. Period.  

Why? Our Residential-Style Walls and Roofs



There are two types of walls: vacuum-bonded or hung. Most of the competition uses vacuum-bonded walls, but at Entegra Coach, we use a hung wall because it resembles the walls in your house.

Vacuum-bonded, also referred to as laminated walls, are made on a very long table where the aluminum structure is laid right down on the wallboard and the polystyrene insulation is cut right to the structure followed by a thin piece of fiberglass being laid down on top. This wall is then slid into a big bag where it is sucked down and compressed for 20 minutes. The problem with this is when you affix it to the coach, you’re working with a solid, closed wall, so the only option is to screw it to the side of the coach. 

Our walls are built on 16-inch centers or less, allowing us to set them right on top of the floor and then go inside and fasten them directly to the floor with 8-inch carriage bolts. Once the frame for the wall is in place, we start layering. First with wallboard, followed by a layer of Astrofoil insulation, followed by batting insulation, which has been overcut and stuffed into each pocket to ensure that no sagging occurs and no gaps are present. Then finally, to the exterior of all of this, we secure a piece of fiberglass with adhesive and then hold the fiberglass in place for 12 hours to give it ample time to setup properly, significantly reducing the chances for a de-lamination situation.

Additionally, the fact that we use batting insulation instead of polystyrene in our walls greatly increases the sound barrier you’ll get in an Entegra Coach compared to our competitors with the vacuum-bonded walls. 

And that concludes the 5 Reasons You Need To Own an Entegra Coach. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a test drive at your local dealer and you’ll experience for yourself the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today. Period.

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Our luxury diesel motorhomes are the quietest riding, best handling coaches on the market today. We know this because Entegra Coach owners tell us over and over again how much they enjoy the ride. 

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