Why Choose a Luxury Diesel Entegra Coach? Our Exclusive X-Bridge Frame

At Entegra Coach, we pride ourselves on being the best. In fact, Entegra is the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today. Period. 

Why? Our Exclusive X-Bridge™ Frame



Being a 40+ foot house on wheels, complete with residential quality cabinets, appliances and amenities, it is important your motorhome’s components are rock-solid. The coach’s frame has to be the most rigid of them all, without question.

The Spartan chassis as we receive it is a fantastic piece of equipment. It’s as high quality as they come, but at Entegra we take extra measures to resist its tendency to flex and twist. That’s why we add the Exclusive X-Bridge Frame bracing to add rigidity to the frame. What you want in a coach is a strong structure that resists this give and take, which is what Entegra delivers.

We add 10 high-strength x-braces along the chassis: 4 horizontally along the bottom; 4 vertically through the middle; and 2 horizontally along the top. Their locations are placed by our engineers to ensure the best and most efficient means of bolstering the frame.

How does this contribute to Entegra’s success of being the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market? By reducing the amount of twisting and flexing on the structure, you decrease the amount of strain the rest of the coach experiences. Floor tiles are less likely to pop. Cabinets are less likely to pull apart causing squeaks. Appliances will get vibrated less. You’ll experience reduced sway driving down the road. Additionally, as mentioned above, you give the suspension a heavier workload. By doing so, it will absorb more vibration, pothole shocks, and road noise, rather than your frame and living area.

The mechanics of the X-Bridge aside, there’s no question something spectacular is happening when you get behind the wheel. Simply put… you can just FEEL the difference. Contact your local Entegra dealer, test drive a competitor’s unit, then immediately drive an Entegra… you’ll notice the difference right away!

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