5 In-Season Motorhome Maintenance Tips

With peak road trip season in full swing, we wanted to share some of our best advice for keeping your coach performing. While some maintenance tasks only need to be done at the beginning or end of a season, others should be done, at least once, during the season to preserve your coach and enjoy uninterrupted adventures. As always, we turned to our very own expert, technical training manager, PJ Clanton, for what he recommends. Here are five of the key areas PJ suggests owners pay some attention to between adventures and quality time.

1. Check roof sealant

Be sure to check your roof sealant every 6-12 months, this includes inspecting seams for cracks or voids. If you’re spending time in a region where it’s hot and sunny more often, this may need to be done more frequently since sealants can dry out and crack faster. If you spot any cracks or voids, fill them using the same sealant that was originally installed on your coach. In Entegra Coach models 2015 or earlier, use Alpha Self Leveling sealant. In Entegra Coach models 2016 or after, use NuFlex 311 Self-Leveling sealant. Clean and dry the area carefully before applying the sealant and give it time to settle into the gap.

2. Inspect your slideouts

Slideouts are another area that you should give some attention to during the season. Specifically, seals that surround the slideouts and the motor. The seal needs to stay lubricated and protected from UV rays. We recommend Aerospace 303 protectant for keeping slides moving smoothly. Twice a season or so, inspect slideout motors as well. There’s a lot of torque involved in moving these heavy, long slides. Check the tightness of the motor mounting, just to make sure everything is holding up as it should. If a bolt feels loose, go ahead and tighten to avoid increasing vibration.

3. Look at your main battery 

You never want to get caught with a dead battery when you're on the road. Depending on where your main battery is situated, dust, moisture and other debris from the road can build up around the connections and corrode them. Give these connections a look occasionally during the season and clean off any potential build-up.

4. Wash and wax your coach

Coaches with full body paint should be washed once every month and waxed twice yearly. You can safely use any soaps or waxes you would use on your everyday car. However, do not use paper towels or brushes, as they can scratch the clear coat. We suggest microfiber clothes, and not the same ones you use to wipe down your tires. Never wash in direct sunlight, as this can damage coating. If you don’t have an indoor space to wash your coach, wait for an overcast day or find a big shady tree.

5. Maintain the interior

Last but not least, give the interior materials a proper washing and conditioning—furniture, sinks, woodwork, paneling, countertops, etc. Use gentle cleaners, no ammonia-based products or furniture polish. Similar to the outside, we suggest soft clothes like microfiber, nothing that could even potentially scratch a surface, and always put the cleaner on the towel first, not the surface. For wood surfaces, don’t use the same cleaner you use elsewhere in the coach. We suggest using Murphy’s Oil Soap for preserving beautiful woodwork.

Taking a little time now to check or address areas like these goes a long way, not only for the rest of the season, but also for years to come. You can find more advice like this from PJ in our Entegra Coaching video series on our YouTube channel.

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