Tips for setting up and tearing down camp

Whether you’re heading out for your first trip of the season or you’re one of the many new RVers on the road, we’re here to help you brush up on how to get your adventures off to a good start.

Imagine, you’ve arrived at your destination. Anticipation and excitement are in the air. Before the fun and relaxation ramps up, there are just a few things to do to get your Entegra Coach campsite up and running safely and effectively. 

  • Position the coach at the campsite with leveling in mind
  • Park with the wheels straight.
  • Test the post for voltage and polarity. If voltage measures below 115 or above 125 or if polarity indicates “reverse polarity”, “open ground”, “open hot” or “open neutral”, do not connect.
  • Check power cords for cuts, cracks or worn insulation. The cord should not be coiled or kinked.
  • Do not remove the grounding pin to connect to a non-grounded receptacle. Protect your coach from incosistant power by hooking up to an external surge guard.
  • Do no use cheater plugs or extension cords.
  • Before plugging in, turn off the main circuit breaker on the post.
  • Plug in and then turn on the post breaker.
  • Be sure no one is near the slides. With the coach still at ride height (the airbags inflated), plugged in and battery power on, run the slides out one at a time.
  • Initiate auto-leveling after slides are out. Do not move around in the coach while leveling.
  • Note: We strongly recommend against after-market slide room support jacks. They are not needed and may damage the coach.

Once it’s time to head home or move on to your next destination, you’ll want to break down camp just as carefully and in-sequence as when you set it up.

  • Stow all awnings, antennas and pack up.
  • Start the engine and put cruise control on “high idle”. Once at high idle, verify front and rear air tanks are pressurized and check gages.
  • Once airbags are at capacity, press “all retract” on the leveling pad. That will raise the jacks and start the airbag air-up process. It takes just a couple minutes.
  • Go out and visually check that airbags are inflated. If they are and the coach is at proper ride height, tires will be clear from under the fender.
  • This is a good time to give your tires a once over. They are crucial to ride comfort and safety. Look for any damage that may have happened during your stay and for low air.
  • Move driver and passage seats as far forward as they can go so the slides don’t contact them.
  • It’s now safe to retract the slideouts.

Finally, here are just a few of the items we recommend packing in order to complete your site no matter where it may be.

  • A camp chair for each person
  • Outdoor rug or RV mat
  • Folding table
  • Tablecloth and clips
  • Lanterns
  • Clothesline
  • Walkie talkies (these come in handy when parking, setting up or tearing down camp.)
  • 50-to-30 amp adapter
  • 30-to-20 amp adapter
  • Insect repellent (lanterns, candles etc.)
  • Rope lights (for the ground, slides, awning or just to add to the ambiance)

For more advice on making the most of your time and caring for your Entegra Coach, visit the Connection blog or our YouTube channel


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