How to level your Entegra Coach

Updated 3/2/2021

You’ve gotten to your spot, you’re all parked and ready for some relaxation and fun at your beautiful site. The last couple of things to do are extend the slideouts and activate the leveling jacks on your motorhome. Here is some of our best advice from Technical Training Manager, PJ Clanton, for using and taking care of these key systems so you can get to the relaxation quickly and easily every time you head out.

First and foremost, set yourself up for success. Park in the most level way possible, this could mean slight adjustments to the angle you’re parked. Always park with your wheels straight to avoid tire damage during leveling.

If you’re at a racetrack, concert or fair, you may come across some makeshift parking spots. Anywhere you go, avoid parking where jacks lower onto wet grass, gravel, dirt and especially sand. Concrete and pavement are always best. That said, there is nothing wrong with placing something under a jack for stability, just make sure the footprint is larger than the jack itself for safety. 

Entegra Coach slideouts are all flush-mounted and electric-powered. Something that’s a little different about us is that we design our slideouts to operate at ride height. That means you should extend or retract them with the airbags inflated, before using the auto leveling. Since we build a little differently in order to deliver the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market, the most balanced way to roll out slides is actually with weight on the tires, not the levelers.

A quick pointer on operating slideouts: Slideout remotes use a radio frequency to communicate with the antenna on the electrical panel. For reliable remote performance, point it toward the floor near the driver’s seat where the panel and receiving antenna are located.

 Here’s a quick walkthrough of the proper leveling steps in an Entegra Coach.

Leveling your coach

  • You cannot run leveling jacks with the key running.
  • Turn the leveling system power on.
  • The leveling system has a sensor in the basement that identifies when the coach is totally level. If you are up and moving around while auto leveling is in process, that sensor can’t find the proper level. Be sure everyone is still and not moving gear around during leveling.
  • Select Auto Level. The system is preprogrammed in the factory to know zero-points, or levels.
  • The system will start to run and after a brief delay, the airbags will deflate.
  • Once the airbags are deflated, the jacks will be on the ground and the leveling process will happen.
  • Stay still in your coach while the system is leveling. It should take less than two minutes to complete.
  • If you want to check the level of your coach, we recommend using a four-foot level on the floor. Or, a handy trick, you can open a mid-bath swing door (if equipped) to 45 degrees and see if it moves. If it doesn’t, you’re good to go.

If the tires happen to come off the ground during the leveling process and you don’t want to run the leveling process again, put something solid and stable underneath to support them. Suspended tires will pull on the shocks and strain the suspension system.

We’ve found that over time, the programmed levels can back off their exact specifications just a bit. Manual adjustments can be made easily on the coach’s touchpad. To get levels to the zero-point you prefer, you can do something called resetting the null—a fancy term for reprogramming the jacks. It’s easier than it sounds.

Resetting the null

  • With the jacks down and manual adjustments to get them in the right positions done, press the Power button to turn the leveling system off.
  • Press and hold the Auto Level and Power buttons at the same time.
  • Wait for at least six beeps before releasing. And you’re done!

When you’re tearing camp down, the process is essentially done in reverse, slideouts come in last. Keep in mind you may want to move cabin seating forward so they don’t catch as the slide retracts into the coach.

For more advice on how to enjoy your Entegra Coach, visit our YouTube channel to hear directly from PJ and watch hands-on demonstrations.


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