7 Tips for Keeping Your Motorhome in Top Shape this Summer

The days are long and the sun and water are warm—so, it’s primetime for motorhome adventures. Whether you hit the road for weeks at a time, or for a series of shorter trips, we want to help you take full advantage of these precious months when the weather offers the opportunity to explore more places and enjoy different experiences.

We’ve collected some maintenance tips and advice for keeping your motorhome in tip-top shape all summer long. From preserving your interior, to staying cool and avoiding unnecessary service stops, we’ve got you covered while you soak in the year’s most agreeable climate.

1. Keep all fluids at proper levels

Make sure all fluids are at proper levels to prevent overheating. This includes radiator coolant and water, motor oil, transmission, power steering and brake fluids.

2. Protect your coach from extreme summer weather

Insulation and A/C help keep the interior of your coach cool when parked at camp or during a long drive. But, if you’re parked idle for more than a few days, we suggest keeping your coach well ventilated to protect your furnishings and materials from any extreme summer temperatures you may encounter. Temperatures can rise quickly and far above the ambient temperature. Finally, for your comfort, consider steering wheel and seat covers or sunshades.

3. Regularly inspect your slideout roofs and sealant

If you find a lovely spot that you plan to stay in for a while, there’s a chance you’ll have your slideouts out for an extended period. Routinely inspect your slideout roofs and sealant to ensure everything is standing up to the sun and adhering cleanly.

4. Run circulation pumps to keep boiler antifreeze moving

Even in the dog days of summer, units with Aqua-Hot® will need to run circulation pumps to keep the boiler antifreeze moving through the system’s lines and valves. During the summer, plan to operate the in-floor heat and the basement heat for 15 minutes at least once a month.

5. Wash your radiator and A/C coils

Using a simple garden hose can do two of your coach’s key components a great service. If you’re traveling through a particularly arid region, or happen to be parked in a dusty corner of a resort, wash down your radiator and A/C coils with a hose to remove dirt and dust build-up. When washing out your radiator and A/C coils remember to always wash from the inside out. 

6. Provide ongoing cleaning to your A/C cold air returns

There isn’t a better feeling than walking into a cool coach after a full day on the water, hiking or biking. To help make sure you get to enjoy this feeling each time you step into your air-conditioned coach, regularly clean A/C cold air returns. An easy way to do this is with your central vacuum, as opposed to removing the vent and filter from the ceiling.

7. Wash and air dry awnings

Wash and allow awnings to dry as often as possible. This will help preserve the material over time and ensure the operation isn’t affected by debris or too much wear.​

As always, each motorhome is going to be a little different. Consult your owner’s manual for specific guidance on your specific model. A little time spent taking care of your coach throughout the season goes a long way towards making a summer full of memories, year after year.