9 types of trips that are tailor made for a motorhome

Some kinds of trips are just meant to be taken in a motorhome. It’s a unique kind of travel that gives you the chance to immerse yourself in your destination, or just drop in to see what you want and head on to the next adventure. The right motorhome truly allows you to have all the pleasures of home just about anywhere you go.   

Historical adventures

Legendary battlegrounds, infamous resting places and historical landmarks aren’t always right off the highway or near an airport. One of the best ways to walk in the footsteps of a particular historical figure or set foot on the scene of a momentous event is in a motorhome. You can delve into the ins and outs of one of your passions or explore a particular region’s history with ease and extreme comfort.

Regional exploration

Whether it’s the national parks of the west, lake hopping in the Midwest or visiting historic sites in the northeast, choosing a region and hopping in the motorhome makes for a great adventure. Regardless of if you have a particular activity you’re interested in or just want to learn more, a well-equipped motorhome is the most comfortable and flexible way to do it.  

Follow the festivals

This is another great way to learn about an area and get to know the locals—not to mention try some of the best food. During peak festival time (typically in the summer) you’re sure to stumble on wonderful local events. If there’s a particular location on your agenda, get in touch with the visitors bureau. Or, pick a type of festival you like, and arrange your travels around them.

‘Read’ your itinerary

If you’re a regular reader, you often find yourself lost in the setting of a story. Take it a step further and visit where some of your favorite stories have taken place. It can be even more thrilling to read as you go—pick up a copy of Stephen King’s Duma Key and take a ride down Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The do-nothing trip

At times travel can be more stress than it needs to be, especially if we’re talking planes, trains and buses. Memorable moments are just as likely to happen around a campfire as they are at a mountaintop. Take a trip with very little on the agenda, other than time together. Put down your gadgets, and break out the board games.

Seasonal camping

It’s an often-overlooked type of RV travel, but seasonal camping is a great option. Unlike other trips we’re discussing, seasonal camping is when you leave your unit at a campground and travel to it. If storage or traffic is difficult where you live, this is a great way to take advantage of the comforts and conveniences of a motorhome without some of the transport.

The long weekend

The long weekend is all about making the most of limited time. In a comfortable motorhome, when you’re there you’re there. Everything you need is at your fingertips. You can cook when you want, come and go when you want or explore what’s around you without any wasted time. And when it’s all over, hop behind the wheel and go—no lines, security or cramped conditions.

Visit the national parks

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “There is nothing so American as our national parks.” Others have called America’s national parks the country’s greatest idea. RVing is quite possibly the best way to explore the parks, whether you take a trip to a single location or plan a journey through several. With dozens of designated national parks and over 400+ National Park Service sites, there’s a ton to explore and plenty of places to park.

Exploring your neck of the woods

When’s the last time you took a “short” trip, to one of the historic or tourist destinations near you? It’s easy to think, “oh, I can do that whenever I want, it’s so close.” In most cases, you’ll be surprised what you can discover within a couple hundred miles of where you live. It’s also a great way to teach kids about and get them interested in where they’re from. 

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