Caring for Your Investment- How to Properly Wash your Coach

It isn’t a secret that big ticket items come with big needs of care and upkeep. Our goal is to help you keep your investment looking shiny and new!

The finish on your coach is a state-of-the-art basecoat/clearcoat system designed to provide many years of beauty. This means a clear coating is applied on top of the basecoat -  the pigmented coating that provides color. The clearcoat protects the paint from the harsh elements.

Washing Your Coach

Following these simple steps will help ensure a long lasting gloss finish to your coach:

  • Make sure the coach’s surface temperature is not hot to the touch and not in direct sunlight.
  • Use a mild soap carried by most stores.
  • Do not use combination wash & wax products, as the waxes can build up overtime.
  • Use two sponges or wash mitts – one for the wheels and undercarriage, and one for the painted finish.
  • Do not use brushes on the painted surface. They are acceptable to use on tires and wheel wells.
  • Wash the tires and wheel wells first to prevent splattering on already washed panels.
  • Wet the entire are to be washed to remove loose dirt and grime, then hand wash one area at a time. Wash from top down, rinsing frequently. Follow with a final rinse of water. 

Drying Your Coach

  • Use either a damp natural or synthetic chamois or lint-free micro fiber towel to help prevent water stains on the finish.

Protect Your Finish

  • The finish on your coach is very delicate, especially units with full cut/buff. In these circumstances, the finish needs to be treated more like a show car. Hand washing with delicate mitts, and yellow micro-fiber towels is best.
  • Avoid parking under trees to prevent sap droppings.
  • Ice or snow should not be scraped or brushed from the painted surface.
  • Bugs and bird droppings should be rinsed off with water.
  • Anti-freeze, fuel or window solvents should be rinsed off immediately if spilled on paint surface.
  • The use of commercial truck washes is NOT recommended. Many truck washes have bristle brushes that can and will scratch the surface of your coach.
  • Frequently wash your coach using the provided instructions. 

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