Caring for Your Investment- Waxes and Polishes

Overtime, the clearcoat may appear to fade or lose gloss as the surface is exposed to the environment. Washing alone may not adequately remove certain forms of contamination. To bring back the glossiness, polishing may be required. Most polishes and waxes are designed to clean and polish in one application.

Polishes and Waxes Primarily Serve the Following Purposes:

  • To remove minor surface imperfections caused by water spots and acid rain
  • To fill in minor scratches and level the surface
  • To give the paint finish appearance more depth and gloss
  • To help protect the paint finish from the elements

Applying Polish or Wax

Whether applying polish or wax by machine or hand, be sure to follow the wax or polish manufacture instructions.

  • Apply polish or wax in a shaded area
  • Condition the polishing pad by rubbing a small amount of wax or polish on it
  • Only use the amount specified on the instructions
  • Work small areas at a time
  • Remove dried wax or polish from crevices, trim and molding

Suggestions from the Professionals

  • Refrain from waxing or polishing your coach for 60 days from the date of manufacture.
  • From time to time we suggest that a professional, with experience, mechanically polishes the unit to bring back the show quality finish that came from the factory. 
  • Carnauba waxes work very well with these finishes. They are non-abrasive and offer good protection. There are some good mist and shine products, that also work well for spot cleaning. Bottom line, avoid any overly aggressive waxing or washing techniques.
  • Orange peel helps hide a lot of surface scratches, but since these finishes are flat sanded, they need to be handled more delicately to prevent issues for the customer. Waxes will not remove scratches, but they will help disguise them. Prevention goes a long way in maintaining the desired appearance. If the surface is or has been seriously scratched from rough cleaning, it needs to be polished with an appropriate compound and re-waxed.
  • Sikkens does not recommend the use of covers for storage. Use of fabric covers will void the paint warranty. 


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