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Travel Ideas   |   Aug 22, 2018

Off The Beaten Path: (and) into the woods Edition


In this installment of our series, we’ll be wandering off the beaten path – and into the woods. After all, there are few better ways to relax than losing yourself in the fresh air, beautiful scenery and deep relaxation offered by spending time in the forest.


Travel Ideas   |   Aug 15, 2018

Top U.S. Destinations for Photographers


With top-of-the-line camera technology included in just about every smartphone, it’s easier than ever to tap into your inner photographer – especially when you hit the road in your coach.


Travel Ideas   |   Aug 09, 2018

5 Top Labor Day Destinations


It was much more than just 83-word law and President Grover Cleveland’s signature in 1894 that made Labor Day an official holiday.


Travel Ideas   |   Jul 25, 2018

"Road scholars": See the most beautiful campuses in the U.S.


Trying something new when traveling doesn’t always mean mountain biking through the wilderness or hiking Pikes Peak.


Travel Ideas   |   Jul 18, 2018

Off the Beaten Path: Festival Edition


This summer, we’re exploring lesser-known destinations that have a lot to offer; because motorhome owners, more than almost any group of people, enjoy the flexibility and freedom to change their plans and venture off the more-traveled path to see what’s out there


Travel Ideas   |   Jun 06, 2018

Off the Beaten Path: Coastal Edition


One of the greatest things about owning a motorhome is the freedom it affords you to explore—to change plans on a whim, to go places you may not have even considered before. And to do it all in comfort and with ease. Take advantage and visit some of these off-the-beaten path coastal destinations.


Travel Ideas   |   May 02, 2018

Must-Visit Memorial Day Destinations


Spring is in full swing, which means Memorial Day is just around the corner! Why not take advantage of the long weekend with something new and exciting? Here’s a list of fresh destinations and activities to try out this Memorial Day.


Travel Ideas   |   Mar 14, 2018

Top Adult Spring Break Motor Coach Destinations


After a cold winter, spring break is a time to get away and enjoy yourself in a warmer climate. But why should you have to do that and fight the crowds?


Travel Ideas   |   Jan 03, 2018

Midwest BBQ Tour: Where to go and what to eat


Contrary to popular belief, the Midwest is more than just rolling plains and corn fields. It has plenty of hidden gems to offer, including being the home to some great BBQ that will leave your mouth watering and wanting more.