6 Ways to Personalize Your Motorhome Decor

We have lived full-time in our Aspire 44B for over four years. We love the layout of it and have found it to be an incredibly comfortable way to live and travel full-time. As beautiful as the interior is, I wanted it to feel more personal. After all, this is our only house and everything we own is carried on these eight wheels. At the same time, we don’t want to negatively affect our motorcoach’s value.

If you’re in a similar boat (or motorhome ????) and looking for a few ways to change your RV décor, this list is for you!

Swap out the artwork.

Nothing will make your space feel more personal than if you swap out the factory-installed art for personal pictures. We’ve swapped out the factory-installed art in our coach and added a few other things to make it ours. We used some of the existing hardware to hang our wall map and added 3M command strips to hold it in place. Other things to consider when selecting these new pieces:

  • Weight – your walls don’t have studs like your house
  • Non-breakable – either printed on canvas or framed using plexiglass work best
  • How thick is it? You don’t want to find a great piece of art, only to have to bring in a slide-out to house it!

Add some throw pillows.

In the blink of an eye, you can add a pop of color to your space, personality and comfort to your seating. Whether you change the pillows seasonally or add a few for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with a few pillows.

Buy an area rug.

This is a great spot to add some vivre to your motorcoach! Plus, our dog struggles to get traction on our floor without a rug. We invested in a machine-washable area rug since we get a lot of traffic through the area, especially given our pup’s proclivity for adventure. We roll the rug and its pad up together on moving days.

Hang a fabric valance above the windshield.

I wanted to soften our space, make it feel a little less boxy and hide the day and blackout shade rollers of our coach. I accomplished this by hanging a fabric valance on an extra-long tension rod under the front cabinets at the top of the windshield. Take note: we take this down when we move. It comes down easily, and we don’t have to worry about the valance falling while driving.

Invest in a steering wheel table.

We just bought one about a year ago, and I wish I’d done it sooner! I’ve kept plants on the steering wheel for years, but the table gives it a finished look and allows me to have a grouping of things, including a battery-operated lamp and plants.

Hang a wreath on a cupboard door.

I’ve added more of my taste to our kitchen area by hanging a small wreath on one of the cabinet doors. I used a command hook to hold the ribbon around the wreath. Finding the right size wreath was simple using Etsy. We’ve made other changes to our coach over the years, and with no plan to change how we live, I’m sure there will be more changes in our future. Personalizing our space adds to our comfort and makes an already beautiful space our own.

It’s not called a “motorhouse.” It’s called a motor “home” for a reason and should feel like one!

Contributers Section - Anne Klumpp

Anne Klumpp – On The Road of Adventure

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