Entegra Coach Kitchen: Chimichurri Sauce for Grilled Steak

Whether you're feeding two or a crowd, grilled steak is one of the easiest and best campground meals. Despite the stereotype of RVers frequently cooking hotdogs and hamburgers, I rarely cook either. On the other hand, steak is a favorite and finds its way onto our menu every few weeks. Steak is delicious, but if you want to elevate your grilled steak dining experience, consider serving your next steak dinner with chimichurri sauce!

What is Chimichurri, and Where Does it Come From?

Chimichurri is an herb-based sauce originally from Uruguay and Argentina, where they serve it with all types of grilled meats. You can also use chimichurri as a marinade or condiment for other cooked meats. It is a red wine vinaigrette with shallots and lots of fresh herbs. Combining acid from the vinegar, heat from the shallot and garlic with vibrant fresh herbs, will help balance the steak's weight and natural umami flavors.

Should I Make Chimichurri by Hand or In a Food Processor?

Chimichurri can be made either by hand chopping the herbs or putting them through a food processor. I find hand-chopping produces a less uniform texture to the sauce but prevents the herbs from bruising, thereby preserving both the bright green color and some flavor.

What Kind of Steak Should I Serve With Chimichurri?

You can serve chimichurri with any beef steak, and it's particularly well-suited for cuts of beef with higher fat content, like ribeyes or short ribs.

What Can I do With Leftover Chimichurri?

In addition to serving chimichurri as a condiment for your freshly grilled steak, it's equally delicious with other grilled proteins, and also makes a perfect topping for scrambled eggs. You can use leftovers as a salad dressing or marinade for other proteins, especially chicken, fish or seafood. Keep in mind that it has a healthy dose of vinegar, so you'll want to limit the time your uncooked meats sit in it. I suggest one to two hours maximum for chicken and 30 minutes maximum for fish or seafood.

What Wine Should I Serve With Chimichurri?

Assuming that you serve your fresh chimichurri with grilled steak, I suggest a red wine. With its Argentinian roots, Malbec from Argentina is a natural go-to pairing. The bright fruit flavors of Malbec will reflect the sauce's bright herbal notes, and the sauce's underlying earthiness will mirror the subtle earthy notes of the Malbec or the oak barrels in which it may have been aged.



The Recipe:

Equipment Needed:

-Cutting board

-Chef's knife

-Paring knife

-Small bowl

-Food processor (optional)

Serves: 2-4 people


-1 Lg shallot, minced (you can use red onion if you can't find shallot where you are camping)

-2 Lg cloves garlic, minced

-¼ Cup fresh parsley, chopped fine

-½ Jalapeno, seeded and minced fine

-2 Tbs fresh oregano leaves, chopped fine

-2 Tbs fresh thyme leaves, chopped fine

-1 Tbs fresh mint or basil, chopped fine

-1 Tsp kosher salt

-½ Tsp black pepper, freshly ground

-¼ Cup red wine vinegar

-½ Cup olive oil

-1-2 Tsp crushed red pepper (optional)


1.Add shallots, garlic, jalapeno and herbs to the bowl.

2.Season with salt and pepper.

3.Stir in vinegar and olive oil.

4.Add crushed red pepper to taste.


You may replace any of the herbs above with another fresh herb. Do not try to prepare with dried herbs or pre-chopped herbs. Serve chimichurri at room temperature. To me, it tastes best just after chopping the herbs. Refrigerate your leftovers to use for up to ten days after making it.  

Serving Suggestions:

Serve grilled steak with chimichurri sauce with your favorite summer picnic items like coleslaw, potato salad, fresh corn or Caprese salad. This sauce is easy and versatile!


Anne Klumpp – On The Road of Adventure

Anne Klumpp, her husband, Brian and their dog, Skipper, travel full-time in their 2015 Entegra Aspire 44B. Anne “retired” from a 25-year career in the wine business to pursue life on the road. She shares about the RV Lifestyle and their adventures on the road, especially related to food and beverage.

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