How Entegra Coach Owners Are Living the Good Life

Whatever your vision of the good life, there’s a good chance owning a luxury coach will make it more possible than ever. Look no further than to our fun-loving and adventurous Entegra Coach owners for the proof. Here’s a handful of their stories and how their Entegra Coach is helping them live their own—very different—versions of the good life.

Mario and Ann Lacute love discovering unique spots to spend the night.
To quench their thirst for quirky accommodations, Mario and Ann joined Harvest Hosts, an online membership that lets them tap into a list of hundreds of friendly hosts across North America. From farms to ranches, from breweries to vineyards, these host locations allow RVers to spend the night on their property free of charge. Two of the Lacutes’ favorite stops include overnights next to a seaside cottage in New Hampshire and another that coincided with a welcoming wedding celebration at a vineyard in Colorado.

Resort life is the good life for Linda and Vaughn Spangler.
Linda and Vaughn are fortunate to own a well-located lot at an RV resort in Crystal River, Fla. You might say they have one of the coolest backyards ever, with the Gulf a short bike ride away for enjoying kayaking with manatees or a picturesque sunset. Having an adventure-packed backyard is great, but having a place to call home in between adventures feels great too. “It’s nice knowing you have a home base,” Linda says, “A place to put your coach. It feels comforting to me.”

Reggie and Cora Roper treat themselves after long, successful careers.
Reggie rose to the rank of Master Chief in the Army at lightning speed while Cora spent 41 successful years working at the same bank. With their careers in the rearview, the couple vowed to enjoy as much of the good life together as they possibly could; they turned to the coach life to achieve it. “We saw this thing called the Entegra Coach and went, ‘Oh wow!’” Reggie recalled. “And the rest is history.”

Today, the couple travels so much that they sometimes forget where they’ve been, but they say that’s a good problem to have. “I have told as many people as I have talked to: You are solely responsible for the smile that’s on your face when the undertaker takes you,” Reggie says. “We’re keeping a smile on our face, and we don’t really plan on wrapping it up.”

John and Flora Stoneberg love the ease of coach traveling.
John and Flora were curious about the coach lifestyle, so they attended an RV show, “just to look.” Before they knew it, they were the proud owners of an Anthem.

The Stonebergs have found coach travelling to be independent and easy, so much so, that they have come to call their Anthem home. When asked about the benefits, they said, “having our home and all of our things with us, the interesting sights we see along the way, the different people we are meeting, the ability to entertain them easily, and the ability to travel at our own pace, set our own schedule and change it along the way…the list goes on.”

For Noel and Lois Joplin, their coach is home.
The Joplins don’t own a house, condo or apartment. They are fulltime RVers. Being able to enjoy all the luxurious amenities and conveniences of their coach provides them the opportunity to do the things they love like meeting new people, exploring resorts and campgrounds and photographing stunning vistas from behind their panoramic windshield.

As they put it, “What a wonderful way to live and see all the wonders of this country! Also, our children and grandchildren are in several different states, so we can take our home on wheels to visit and not inconvenience them. It works perfectly.” 

Visit your nearest Entegra Coach dealer and start defining what the good life means to you.