Is the coach lifestyle right for you?

Buying your first luxury coach is a milestone purchase. It potentially signifies that new, perhaps never-before-possible, adventures are on the horizon: going places you’ve always wanted to go, exploring natural wonders you’ve only seen in pictures, making new friendships and rekindling old ones.

We’ve gotten to know Entegra Coach owners at rallies, during visits to our headquarters in Middlebury and through friendly letters or emails. Their stories have given us a good sense of how owning a coach goes from dream to milestone reality. So, if owning a luxury coach is a mere twinkle in your eye at this point, you may soon be ready to join the ranks of luxury coach owner if all or any of these apply to you.

You have more free time
Whether you’re a new empty nester or seeking new adventures with your significant other, saying ‘goodbye’ to meetings or trips to soccer practices can mean you have a great chance to say ‘hello’ to the coach lifestyle. It’s the kind of lifestyle that puts the ‘free’ in ‘free time’; you’ll be able to change course on a whim, make unscheduled stops and extend stays in exciting new places. Plus, driving around in the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today can make even the longest drives a delight. 

You’re seeking warmer climates
A luxury coach affords you the opportunity to follow the warm weather all year round. Or, if you’ve fallen for fall, you’ll be able to experience it in all of its splendor, as you move across northerly regions catching the colors at their peak. Don’t worry if you catch an unseasonably cool or warm night along the way, our coaches are built with residential-level insulation and HVAC systems to maintain the ideal temperature inside.   

Traditional travel is wearing on you
Some love the buzz of the airport, getting to stay in a new room each night or planning detailed itineraries. On the other hand, if you get a feeling of ‘been there done that’, a luxury coach could be ideal for you. Coach travel makes long lines, packing and unpacking and rigid arrival or departure deadlines a thing of the past. Plus, you’ll come to realize, setting foot in your luxury coach doesn’t feel all that different from walking in your front door. Plus, pets are always allowed!

You love to learn
If you’re a history buff or love discovering the roots of a region’s unique flair, coach ownership gives you the chance to spend as long as you’d like immersing yourself in a subject without getting homesick. Take a few weeks in the Deep South and retrace the Civil War’s biggest moments. Or, picture yourself among the ancient civilizations that called the southwest home thousands of years ago. The country can be your history book. 

You travel for work
If work has you on the road, you may be on to the best alternative to airports, hotels, luggage and fast food. Meeting with clients or customers all day is a lot easier knowing you get to sleep in your own bed and cook in your own fully-equipped kitchen when you’re done. Not to mention, it’s a great conversation starter.  

You’re craving more time with family and friends
Over the years, friends and family tend to scatter across the country. Emails and phone calls are nice, but there’s nothing like spending some quality time in the company of your favorite people. Having a luxury coach is one of the best ways to stay connected. Those long road trips are sure to take you within a quick side trip of old college roommates or cousins you haven’t seen in years. And they won’t even have to get the guest bedroom ready. 

The very best way to find out if the coach lifestyle is for you is to see a unit for yourself. Schedule a visit to your nearest Entegra Coach dealer now. 


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