Dear Entegra Coach Owners

Fall is approaching and winter is right around the corner—and as always it seems as if the year has flown by. Many great events have taken place and many are on the horizon. We are moving toward an exciting time of the year and are gearing up for the busy show season. We enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces at Summerfest earlier this year and hope to see even more at the retail shows this fall and winter.

As many of you know, the 2016 model year brought many exciting changes to our product. Changes that range from a complete redesign of the front and rear caps to adding an LED accent to all countertops. Many changes that are made from year to year come from our loyal owners. We want you to know that your opinion is heard and that it matters to us. Quite often I will tell those who buy an Entegra Coach that they have just become my new best friend! This really is true. We consider each and every one of you a part of our family, and just like any other family we believe that each member should have a voice.

At Entegra Coach we believe that we are doing more than just building motorhomes. We believe that we are building a lifestyle. A lifestyle that often starts in a dealership but will continue for years and years down the road. We have things such as the 2-year warranty, 3-year roadside assistance, and an incredible customer service team because we want you to be taken care of long after the sale. All of these things, and more, are why we believe that owning an Entegra Coach is a lifestyle, one that is far different than what comes with owning any other motorhome.

We love hearing your stories about all the different places you’ve been and all the exciting things you’ve done in your Entegra Coach. We would encourage you to check out the Entegra Coach lifestyle story in this magazine and share with us what living the Entegra Coach life means to you.

Again, we would like to say thank you. At Entegra Coach, we understand that you have a choice, and we want you to know that we will continue doing everything we can to take good care of you.

Thank you so much.





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