Using the Hide-A-Bed Safely

Bringing the whole family along? No problem. The easily accessible hide-a-bed sofa allows coach owners to provide everyone with a place to sleep. The hide-a-bed sofa adds a mattress to your coach’s floorplan without compromising comfort—or space.

When using the hide-a-bed, there are a few important steps to follow in order to access the mattress correctly. Here’s what you need to know about how to safely get to the hide-a-bed mattress without causing serious damage to your coach’s sofa.

Tips for your hide-a-bed sofa:

  • First, remove the sofa’s cushions; then, lift the sofa’s arms straight up to detach the arms from the base of the sofa for full access to the mattress.
  • Leaving the cushions or arms on before unfolding the mattress can damage the sofa.
  • Complete the hide-a-bed mattress with a cozy set of sheets and blankets so your loved ones can snuggle up for the night and everyone can wake up the next day feeling comfortable and refreshed.


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