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We have listed our top picks for apps while RVing.  These apps will help you find places to stay along the way, hiking & biking trails and even money-saving tips while at the pump.

Whether you are a full-time RVer or a weekend warrior, we are sure these apps will help make your trip more enjoyable and possibly leave a little extra cash in your pocket.


Harvest Host



When it comes to finding a great place to stay overnight, nothing compares to staying at a Harvest Host. Harvest Host has a network of wineries, breweries, farms, museums and many other attractions you can camp at overnight. The only cost is your yearly membership of $99, and Harvest Host offers locations across the US and Canada. All that is asked of you, is to purchase something from the host during your stay. In order to stay at these locations, your RV must be self-contained, which means a toilet, water tank and inside cooking facilities. Tent Camping is not allowed at Harvest Host locations. Harvest Host currently has 2777+ Hosts in their network, and they continue to grow daily.


RV Parky



RV Parky is a great app, and it's completely free. Full-time Rvers designed this app to help fellow RVers find parks, campgrounds, rest areas, gas stations and stores to stop at along the way to their next destination. The app will give you information about each stop, with pictures and directions to the desired location.

  • Includes RV Parks categorized by: Commercially Owned, Public Parks, Military Camp, 55+, KOA, Jellystone, Casino
  • RV friendly stores like Camping World, Cabela's, Cracker Barrel and Walmart
  • Rest Areas and Welcome Centers
  • Fuel Stops including Flying J's, Pilot and TA Travel Centers
  • Low bridge warnings


All Stays / Camp & RV



All Stay is the most detailed and popular camping app of all time. All Stay helps you find and filter places and services, even without internet connection. The app has extensive filter options that allow you to sort by tents sites, RV resorts, parking lots, fuel, rest areas, repairs, tunnels and even inclines. Users can access all of this for a one-time fee of only $9.99 with zero fees or ads. It's time you enjoy the journey.





Created by campers for campers, Campendium has tens of thousands of places to camp, from luxurious RV parks to free remote destinations, that have been vetted by a team of full-time travelers and reviewed by our over 600,000 members. Campendium features map overlays for cell phone coverage and public lands to find the perfect campsite, including locations in Canada and Mexico. Campendium is free to use and will change how you find a place to call home for the night.





Plan your perfect trip from the comfort of home or on the road with the official KOA Camping App. Find new places to explore, reserve your stay and make your way outdoor, made easy with camping locations near you. Whether you prefer to camp in your RV, enjoy the luxury of lodging or enjoy the classic tenting experience, KOA has plenty of options! The KOA app offers 500+ locations to explore across the US and Canada.


Blue Beacon



The nation's largest truck wash app will help you map and navigate to the nearest Blue Beacon Truck Wash. With over 110 – 24hr locations and growing with more than 45 years of experience, Blue Beacon is widely recognized and a highly trusted truck washing service.





Whether you're a hiker, biker or trail runner, AllTrails will help you find your next trail. You can explore more than 200,000 hiking and biking trails on this app. Discover new trails in national parks or your neighborhood with hand-curated GPS and topographic maps. AllTrailes also offers users reviews and photos of trails written by other users. Another handy feature provided by the app is GPS tracking. Using this will keep you from getting lost, track your activity and navigate you to the trailhead.


TSD - Logistics Fuel Program



When it comes to saving money when filling up your rig with diesel, the TSD Logistics fuel discount program is the way to go. Offering discounts at major truck stops, you can save up to 60 cents a gallon on your next fill-up.

Check out our blog post about the TSD Logistics fuel program.


Open Roads



Open Roads is the fastest-growing discount program for RV enthusiasts. They were featured on RV Love and Changing Lanes, two of the most popular RV channels on YouTube.

Find the best RV fuel discounts just down the road with the TSD Open Roads app. Fuel pricing information is constantly updated to the latest available pricing.


Gas Buddy



Ready to find the best price when it comes time to fuel your rig or tow car. With the Gas Buddy app, you can search for gas and diesel at local gas stations. Users report prices and inturn are entered in giveaways and could recives prizes such as Free fuel! Join the 90 million people already saving with this helpful hack. An added bonus is the free GasBuddy card, and you will never pay full price at the pump again. Gas Buddy offers additional benefits to users, such as rewards on gas and tracking your fuel usage for reimbursement and taxes.


When becoming an RVer, finding tips and tricks on saving time and money is a must. We hope some of our hacks will give your more time to enjoy the journey ahead. 





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