Must-Have RV Kitchen Gadgets

Let’s talk about kitchen must-haves for the RV newbie, weekend warrior or full-time RV traveler. We have purchased and added kitchen gadgets to our RV that we use religiously and consider them all RV must-haves!  We have tried all the different small kitchen appliances over the years and ended up with this list of items we consider necessary for the perfectly organized RV kitchen setup. 


Instant Pot

This is our number one must-have item. We have owned an Instant Pot for years, and we hardly used it when we lived in our “Sticks and Bricks” home. Now that we full-time RV, it has become a staple. It is the best for fast, one-pot meals. We love that there are so many options, and it only requires washing ONE pot, allowing for easy cleanup. Easy cleanup is so essential when you are RVing.

Air Fryer

The air fryer is an excellent appliance to have in any RV, and it is perfect for quickly cooking vegetables to the perfect crisp. It also comes in handy for heating frozen foods like french fries, corndogs, onion rings, pizza rolls and so much more.

Corelle Dishes

Want real dishes in your RV that are stylish and made to last? Corelle is the answer. These dishes are perfect for RVs. They are thin and light, but won’t take up much space and are solid! They hold up well to all the shaking and bumps while driving down the road. Our Corelle Dishes stack so nicely that the whole set takes up no more space than a stack of paper plates. 

Unbreakable Plastic Glasses

We use these unbreakable “wine” glasses for water, milk, kids drinks and occasionally even wine. They are truly unbreakable. We started RVing with real wine glasses and they All BROKE! The mess and expense of replacing them just isn’t worth it. These are the only glasses you will need in your RV. They are pretty, look like real glass and are super durable. The best of both worlds.

Spice Jar Set

These spice jars are perfect for our RV Kitchen. We keep ours in the drawer right next to the stove and it makes cooking a breeze. It is so nice to open the drawer and see the label on top of each jar. It has sped up the prep and cooking process immensely.

Yeti Tumbler

We love our Yeti Tumblers. They are the best for keeping drinks cold or keeping them hot. We use these non-stop. The lids makes them perfect for camping (keeps the bugs out). I can leave it in a hot car or outside on the picnic table for hours and my drink of choice remains cold. The BEST!

Air Tight Storage Containers

No one wants ants in their cereal bowl! These are more important in an RV than you may realize. When you are RVing, your food is exposed to a lot of different conditions and insects. These truly help keep your food fresh and the critters out. We keep pasta, oats, pancake mix, cereal and other dry goods in ours. It has made a world of difference in keeping our food fresh.

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Every RV needs one of these. We have had one of these in our last several RV’s. Counter space is highly coveted in any RV and this is one of the best tools to free up some extra counter space.

Nesting Bowls with Lids

We use these at almost every meal. Nesting bowls that fit inside each other are key to saving space. We use these for food prep and to store leftovers. They only take up the space of one bowl when stored in a drawer or cabinet.

Soap Dispenser

This double soap dispense sits on our counter by our kitchen sink 24/7 and it does not move while we are traveling. It holds dish soap, hand soap and a sponge. These soap dispensers save a ton of counter space making it perfect for your RV while keeping things organized.


One of our most used kitchen gadgets is our toaster. We use it every morning for a breezy breakfast. Toast, waffles and bagels are our go-to breakfasts in the RV. It’s too easy to skip packing! Don’t forget to grab the toaster; it will make breakfast your favorite meal of the day.

Pull-Out Shelf Cabinet Organizer

When you are in an RV, figuring out ways to maximize all the space you get is key. Add pull out shelves! They are a great way to utilize all your cabinet space. They come in all shapes and sizes and work perfectly to capitalize on the deep RV cabinets where things tend to get lost, buried or forgotten.


This is our list of the top 12 RV kitchen appliance must-haves. These appliances are essential to our daily meal prep and really save on time and utilize your camper space. No matter if you’re going on a short weekend trip or full-time RVing, these items will free up time you would typically spend in the kitchen preparing meals for the family. We hope you found this list helpful, and it helps you create your perfect RV cooking space.


About The Author

Carrie Cassity – Wandering Routes


In October 2020, the Cassity Family sold their Utah home and purchased an Entegra Aspire 44R and set out to travel and explore the United States full time. They enjoy sharing their travel stories and experiences on social media to inspire and encourage other families to follow their dreams.

In the past year, they have driven over 15,000 miles through 32 states, with no end in sight for the family of 5.


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