The New American Dream

Have you ever dreamed of selling everything and hitting the road to travel full-time?


That’s exactly what we did ten months ago, and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made!


Hi, we’re the Cassity family- Travis, Carrie, Rylie (11), Tripp (9) and our labradoodle pup, Piper. 


Our love for the RV lifestyle started over 15 years ago when we purchased our first pop up camper. Through the years, we have owned several different RVs. Over the years, most of our weekends in the summer months were spent exploring the great outdoors in our RV. We traveled all over the west coast by RV, and it became our favorite form of travel.


Then, after years of living what some would call the “American dream,” we decided our dream looked different. We wanted more time to travel, make memories and learn more about the history and culture America has to offer. Time with our children was slipping away fast as they continued to grow, and we wanted to capture the moment before it was gone.


That is when we made the leap to sell our home in Utah, along with most of our belongings. 


We searched for over a year for the perfect RV to full-time travel in, and as soon as we saw the Entegra Aspire 44R, we knew it was perfect for our family.


This beautiful luxury diesel motorhome was everything we were looking for and more. We had an extensive list of things our RV needed to have to comfortably live in it full-time, including bunk beds, two bathrooms, dishwasher, washer and dryer, residential fridge, full-sized closets and ample pantry space. The Entegra Aspire checked every single item off our wish list and more.


We hit the road in October of 2020, with no real plan of how long this adventure would last. After ten months, 32 states and 12,000 miles, there is no end in sight! We are in love with the full-time RV lifestyle and all the freedom it has granted us to spend as a family exploring and learning about the beautiful country we live in. 


About The Author

Carrie Cassity – Wandering Routes


In October 2020, the Cassity Family sold their Utah home and purchased an Entegra Aspire 44R and set out to travel and explore the United States full time. They enjoy sharing their travel stories and experiences on social media to inspire and encourage other families to follow their dreams.

In the past year, they have driven over 15,000 miles through 32 states, with no end in sight for the family of 5.


Entegra Ambassador: Entegra Aspire

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