5 Destinations You Must Visit in 2020

1. Glacier National Park, Montana


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Glacier National Park, has over 700 miles of trails, forests, mountains and lakes. Find tranquility in the wilderness, or relive the olden days through the historical lodges and chalets. Be sure to do your research on the conditions of the park, as winters can be harsh. Make sure you don’t miss out on the shopping and activities that await you at West Glacier Village. Plan your stay at West Glacier RV Park & Cabins.

2. Canadian Maritime Provinces

Ready for a big commitment in 2020? Try signing up for the 58-day excursion through the Canadian Maritime Provinces! Doretta and Larry recently made the hike and they’ve got the play-by-play for you. Take a look at all you need to know before you and your coach begin this grand journey!

3. Palisade, Colorado

Head on over to Basecamp RV Park in Palisade, CO.This modern campground and RV resort is located in Palisade, Colorado and is nestled into a little mountainside. Surrounded by stunning views and endless outdoor adventures waiting to be had, the Palisade Basecamp is full of world-renowned mountainous activities.

4. Great White North, Alaska

Not quite ready for that 2020 commitment? How about a 100-day adventurous trip to the Great White North of Alaska? Read along as Dave and Denise give you the low down on their breath taking scenic trip through Alaska. Bears and whales and eagles… oh my! Kayaking, fishing, hiking and more awaits in this beautiful land.

5. Southeast Florida


Last but certainly not least, is the Southeast Florida Premier Luxury Motorcoach Resort. This stunning palace flaunts beauty, tranquility and more. You will feel right at home, next to other luxury coaches, enjoying the amenities that they have to offer in this boutique style living area. From spas, infinity pools, sun decks and more, this premier resort is sure to impress.