6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Luxury Coach


If you’ve ever bought a stock, you probably weighed its potential for both long and short term payback. If you’ve owned real estate, you likely made the choice between planning to raise a family there or collect rent for some extra income. Now you’re considering another investment, an investment in yourself of sorts, with the purchase of a luxury coach.

Here are some of the questions shoppers in your shoes are considering. The weight they carry will be different for each shopper, but they’re all important as you establish priorities and get closer to a purchase decision.


1. Where will I be able to go?

This is one of the really fun questions to answer. A luxury coach offers a rare brand of freedom. Serene escapes, big-time events or historical sites, it’s never too early to start planning your route to the places you’ve always wanted to go.  


2. How much do I want to spend?

There’s a two-part answer here. The first answer is how much you’re willing and able to spend on a luxury coach—up front and financed. Part two is the exciting one. This is where the adventure you’ve been dreaming of starts to come to life. You get to start planning for all the places you’ll go and exciting things you’ll do. It’s also a good time to consider potentially reduced costs at your brick and mortar home while on the road, getting from point A to B, coach storage and resort reservations.  


3. Is this really happening?

For those in the market for a luxury coach, it can often be a bit of a “pinch me” situation. After years of hard work and building a career, combined with the ever-insatiable itch to travel, your reward is in sight. Allow us to just go ahead and respond to this one for you: yes, you’ve earned it. Take a deep breath and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


4. What will I be able to bring?

Whether it’s healthcare devices, the right wardrobe or furry friends, travelers have certain things they want or need to bring with them. A luxury coach changes the game. Instead of adjusting to the facilities at a hotel—and the space in your suitcase—you’re able to have more of your own things with you and situate them exactly how you prefer.


5. Who will I be traveling with?

There will surely be a core crew taking to the road in the coach, but if you fancy hosting, a luxury coach provides rare opportunities to do so. The grandkids can join for an entire trip or you can have friends join as you swing through a certain region. Depending on how often and how many people you host, this is something you’ll want to keep in mind when deciding between floorplans and/or sleeping capacities.


6. Who will be my support system?

The purchase of a luxury coach unlocks an independence unlike any other. While on the road, it’s invaluable to have support from people back home or in different parts of the country that are both aware of and understand the exciting coach lifestyle. It’s equally valuable for your dealer and the manufacturer of your unit, even fellow owners, to support you as you venture out.


At Entegra Coach, we go to great lengths to do that. With consistently sold out owners rallies across the country, the friendly notes we receive and beautiful photos we see from those who travel in our coaches and our amazing dealers, how could we not?

We hope you’ll choose Entegra Coach and become a part of the family. Speak with or visit your nearest dealer today to learn more about our coaches and who we are.