Modern Farmhouse interiors are here

The wait is over! The Modern Farmhouse interior design is available in select Class A and Class C Entegra Coach models.

There’s been a lot of buzz around new trends in RV design, especially white interiors, or lighter décor with white as a foundation. We’ve led the way on fresh new designs, having started working on the concept of RV interior design and modernizing styles here at our Middlebury campus years ago.

Since the design style’s introduction, RVers new and old have spoken loudly, asking for more and more. As one of our senior designers accurately predicted, “It’s comfy, cozy and has a classic feel. People are just drawn to it.”

We’re excited to bring the choice to Entegra Coach!

We’ve enjoyed exploring the different ways people make their RV interiors unique, how they add their own personal style, and that’s a big part of the inspiration behind Modern Farmhouse. It mixes rustic, modern and contemporary materials that make for an aesthetic that more and more RVers are looking for.

Inspiration for the fixtures and details was drawn from all around us: new houses, home re-models, TV shows and trips to the mall. For example, one of our designers stumbled on a table that looked like a barn door at a local restaurant; the barn board table looks great in the Modern Farmhouse. Our seeded mason-jar light idea was sparked while watching HGTV’s Fixer Uppers.

We’ve worked closely with our vendors and interior designers to make sure the Modern Farmhouse translated to the Entegra Coach lineup. Mission accomplished (if we do say so ourselves). Starting with the 2021 model year, three Entegra Coach motorhomes offer the design: the Vision and Vision XL Class As and the Odyssey Class C.