Getting the most out of your Luxury Diesel coach in the winter

Whether you’ve spent a day on the slopes, on the lake ice fishing or just want to curl with a cup of hot cocoa and watch a movie, rest assured, you can warm up in your Entegra Coach Luxury Diesel motorhome. Most Luxury Diesel models not only include the small comforts of home, but also big ones, like the Aqua-Hot® heating system. It works like a demand, combination boiler system, so it’s not storing water, but heating it when there’s a need for hot water, space or floor heating.

Key facts and figures about Aqua-Hot:

  • 1.5 GPM of continuous hot water – try to keep your flow rate at 1.5GPM   
  • The fluid is 50/50 propylene glycol boiler fluid and distilled water
  • 55° F temperature rise – If the groundwater temperature is 50° F, Aqua-Hot can warm it to 105°
  • Propane gas consumption – 0.72 gallons/hour during continuous duty
  • Diesel burner fuel consumption – .40 gallons/hour during continuous duty

The best way to heat a coach…

If there’s merely a chill in the air, as opposed to a frost or freeze, it’s easier to use your heat pump. This will provide plenty of warmth for chilly mornings and evenings. On the other hand, when the weather has you breaking out the winter coats, you’ll want to use the Aqua-Hot. The system will provide more heat and do it really efficiently too.

It can be tempting to keep the coach sealed up to maintain warmth. However, high humidity levels are not ideal for the coach’s finishes and materials. Crack windows or vents when comfortable to allow moisture to exit the coach.

What to do if your Aqua-Hot is on, but there is no heat coming from the exchangers…

First, you will want to check the lights on the Aqua-Hot control board located in the basement. If there are any red lights on the board, there is a fault in the system. No red lights? The next step is to look for a kink in the hoses, most likely in the slideout areas. No kinks? Ask yourself how long it’s been since you last used the Aqua-Hot system. If it’s been a while, internal check valves can stick. Don’t fret. There’s a simple solution: remove the Aqua-Hot cover and tap on the brass check valves with a small wrench or mallet.

When to use the electric or fueled heating source…

The Aqua-Hot uses two heating sources, a burner fueled by diesel or liquid propane and an electric element powered by 110V electricity. The electric element begins to lose the ability to maintain tank temperature below 60° Fahrenheit. If you are in temperatures higher than 60°, the electric element will be sufficient for your needs, however it will not maintain the hot water demand.

It is totally fine to use both switches at the same time. The electric element will maintain the tank temperature while the burner will come on in the event that the electric element cannot keep up, especially when there is a demand for hot water. This is the most efficient method because it will use very little fuel/liquid propane.

When heat pumps alone won’t keep the coach warm…

Heat pumps will sufficiently heat a coach until the outside air drops to about 43° Fahrenheit. At that point, the system will automatically divert to the Aqua-Hot. Also, if you set the inside air to a temperature more than 5° off from the actual room temperature, the system will divert to the Aqua-Hot. If this occurs three consecutive times, the heat pump will be locked for two hours before attempting to start again—it’s all about efficiency.

If you’re at camp for an extended time in cold weather, consider skirting your coach or using the basement heat to keep the tanks and the underside of the coach warmer than the outside air temperature.

Why winterizing the Aqua-Hot is important…

The Aqua-Hot domestic hot water line is in a horizontal loop inside the boiler chamber, making it very difficult to remove all of the water from the loop. In cold climates where the coach will sit dormant, you have to winterize this loop to prevent freeze damage. Full instructions on this process can be found in your owner’s manual.

The newest Entegra Coach Luxury Diesel models are here! Once again, many are equipped with Aqua-Hot heating to keep you warm no matter when the urge to hit the road strikes you.

*Info accurate as of publication. Some features are not available on all models.