Entegra Coach Short or Long-term Storage

There is nothing as exciting as hitting the road in an Entegra Coach. I am sure many of us wish we could travel all the time. However, if there is a time you need to store your unit for either a short weekend or a long winter season, our PJ Clanton, shares some tips to make storing your coach a success.

Well, storage is a difficult subject, there are some many different variables that will be associated with storage.  You have to ask yourself a series of questions before you know what storage method is right for you!

Start with this:

  1. Will there be power available?
  2. What is the time frame?
  3. Climate conditions?
  4. Will you have access to unit?

If you can answer those simply questions, you are on your way to picking the correct storage method that best fits your needs.

Will there be available power?  Any power will work, we typically would like to have 30/50 amp to provide the unit with enough power to operate normally.  If that is available you could leave the unit in normal operating condition.  If you have less than 30 amp power, you will need to make adjustment to what you are trying to operate or have on while leaving the unit unattended.  Each unit is equipped with an Energy Management System,   this will automatically shed loads based on available power supplied to the unit.  (It is recommended however that the inverter be turned to the off positon anytime you are storing it.)

If you have no power available, everything will need to be turned off.  This includes the battery disconnects.  If your unit is ne equipped with battery disconnects, it is recommended to disconnect the batteries before leaving the unit unattended without power.

What is the time frame?  Based on the time frame you are leaving the unit will determine what condition you leave the unit in and what items need to have added protection.  (holding tanks, filters, ect.)

Climate conditions?  You will need to ask yourself, will the unit be exposed to extreme heat or cold?  Will it need to be winterized, do you need to have venting?  With cold conditions you may want to consider winterizing the unit for added protection, minimizing the risk of freezing. (see owner’s manual for complete details)  For hotter condition it may benefit to leave an exhaust vent open slightly to allow heat to escape.

Will you have access to the unit?  Is the unit being stored at your house or in a remote storage location?  If you are storing at your house where you have constant access, you can pretty much leave the unit as is, providing you would most likely check on it every couple days.  If it is at a remote storage location where access may be limited or you may not see it for a couple weeks, it is recommend the you take precautions for storage.  You should treat this as storing it for the season and making sure everything is off and properly maintained for an extended storage period.

Once the storage period of your coach comes to an end, rest assured, if you take these steps you will eliminate any potential problems that a slumbering unit might have. You’ll be ready to hit to road in the same luxury and dependability you have come to expect from your Entegra Coach.