5 classic, long-haul motorhome trips

Motorhomes with luxurious amenities and a superior ride are especially great for spending a long time on the road. Where a week or two in hotels with a few flights can you exhausted, a motorhome keeps you relaxed, refreshed and excited about what’s going to come next. It’s the sensation that makes being on the road for hundreds of miles, weeks at a time, exhilarating instead of draining. Let’s take a look at some of the classic long-hauls motorhome owners have been raving about.

Pacific Coast Highway

At just over 1,000 miles from top to bottom, the PCH has a little bit of everything. From a landscape perspective, ancient forests, fishing streams, stunning sunsets and mountain vistas await around every bend. World-class cities with nearby RV sites dot the coastline if you’re craving an urban setting. You can surf, relax at the beach, explore a new city, hike or enjoy delicious seafood along the way.  

Blue Ridge Parkway

Rivaled by only maybe the PCH, this scenic byway provides one of the most visually stunning drives in North America. It can be a challenging drive, so you’ll want to take that into consideration, but the payoff is worth it. Take your time, that’s half the fun! Connecting the Great Smoky and Shenandoah National Park, you’ll find caverns, waterfalls, breathtaking trails and some home cookin’ await along the way.

California National Park circuit

In California, there’s a stretch of almost 1,500 miles that, amazingly, connects nine different national parks. These parks include Death Valley, Sequoia, Redwood, Joshua Tree and Yosemite. The vast array of wildlife, terrain and flora is something that’s difficult to find in one trip. If you fall in love with the redwoods, stay a couple extra days before you head off to the desert. The parks and the areas around them have a lot of RV space to offer.  

Texas hill country

While this isn’t a huge geographical area—you could drive through it in an afternoon—it’s one of the most underrated in terms of road trips. It’s a unique part of central Texas with its own cowboy-and-indian-history that still comes through clearly today. Time it right to see the blue bonnets blooming, take in a rodeo, visit a ghost town or enjoy a folk festival. There may be just a few hundred miles of road to cover, but it’s not hard to see why RVers take their time in the hill country.      


With almost 3,500 square miles of diverse scenery, Yellowstone offers a plethora of experiences to the four million visitors who trek there each year. A bucket list adventure for many, Yellowstone often requires quite a drive to get to, but once you're there, you’ll find so much to explore that you may want to stay a while. Amazingly for RVers, there are several campgrounds within the park. Find your basecamp, make a plan and see it all, from Old Faithful to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The flexibility of a motorhome comes in handy here too, a side trip to Grand Teton National Park isn’t far up the road.  

Any traveler would be thrilled to visit these places and take on the adventures, but those who do it in a motorhome experience it differently. They stay when they want and go when they want, making the most of, and taking the time to fall in love with the places they discover.


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