Essential Items to Pack for Your Winter Coach Trip

While many store their RV during colder months, others can’t resist the urge to hit the road. An RV is not only a great option for a relaxing escape, but it’s a comfortable and affordable option for those in search of some action, like snowmobilers and skiers—with all the towing capacity and storage you need to bring your favorite outdoor gear. Colder seasons are also a great time to explore urban destinations—many cities have year-round campgrounds nearby—and the many indoor attractions they offer.

While a Memorial Day weekend RV trip may call for bathing suits, lawn chairs and bikes, a cold-weather packing list is going to look different. Here are 14 things to bring with you to make a cold-weather RV trip comfortable, safe and fun.     

1. Indoor/outdoor thermometer

Many RVs have critical systems in basement compartments. These thermometers are a great way to keep an eye on the temperature in those areas. These little gadgets often have a humidity gauge, which comes in handy, as too much humidity can damage the materials inside your unit.

2. Powerless dehumidifier

Speaking of humidity, these standalone, powerless dehumidifiers absorb moisture from the air. This helps combat humidity that can build up from using heating systems and liquid propane.   

3. Collapsible shovel

This will come in handy should you want to clear a dusting of snow from your campsite or snow piled on your RV’s roof, and it won’t take up much space. 

4. Kitty litter

Don’t worry dog lovers, this isn’t for what you’re thinking. Kitty litter is great for footing and helping your tires grab should there be snow or ice at your campsite.

5. Skirt

Skirting your RV is a smart way to keep basement systems and storage warm. Alternatively, you can build a kind of makeshift igloo around the bottom of your unit to prevent cold air flow and heat escape, but that requires a good amount of accumulation. 

6. Protection for water and drain lines

If you plan to hook up water or drainage lines, it’s a good idea to have some form of insulation on hand in case the temperature drops.

7. Layers of clothes

Take it from us here in northern Indiana, layering your clothing is a tried and true way to keep warm. And layers take up way less space than bulky winter clothes! 

8. Slipperspink, black and white slip on fuzzy slippers for winter

Get yourself a nice pair of slippers. Some of our models do have heated floors, but most RVs don’t. As temperatures drop outside, you’ll be happy your feet are nice and toasty.

9. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

These are more of all-seasons must-haves, but they are especially important if you have your RV’s heating systems working overtime.

10. Books and movies

You never know when the urge to cozy up in your unit for the day may strike, or some uncooperative weather will roll through, so be prepared with the books to read and movies you’ve been wanting to watch.

11. Puzzles

What can we say, we just love puzzles. They make the time fly, should a dreary day come your way.

12. Firewood

A campfire is a good idea any time of year, especially when it’s a little cooler outside. S’mores are a good idea any time of year too!

13. Sneakers

If you know snow’s in the forecast, you’ll probably be packing a pair of boots. However, their thick soles aren’t ideal for driving. Be sure to have some comfortable shoes that give you a good feel of the pedals on driving days.

14. Your owner’s manual

You’ll of course want to keep an eye on the weather and take extra care if freezing temperatures are a possibility. Keep your owner’s manual on hand so you know which of your unit’s systems may need extra attention should temperatures drop below freezing.

If the cold isn’t your cup of tea, these off-the-beaten-path destinations provide a welcome escape from winter weather.