2025 Reatta XL

Welcome to the Reatta XL luxury diesel pusher, where every mile is a testament to the legacy you're building. With exclusive construction advantages and upscale amenities, the Entegra Coach Reatta XL is built with quality, reliability and beauty to ensure every trip you take is unforgettable.

The Reatta XL is engineered with endless attention to detail to ensure it is the quietest riding and the best handling coach at its price point. This exceptional ride quality begins with a premium Spartan K2 chassis powered by a 380HP Cummins engine and is enhanced further by Entegra Coach's exclusive X-Bridge frame technology. The Reatta XL's X-bridge frame reinforces floor strength and structural rigidity to reduce chassis flex and twisting significantly. This design redirects road shock and vibration to the suspension system, ensuring a supremely comfortable ride. Unlike its competitors, who utilize conventional I-beam suspension, the Reatta XL boasts independent front suspension to eliminate road shock further. Additionally, the Reatta XL distinguishes itself with a triple-insulated roof, front cap, and rear cap, delivering superior temperature and sound control than other coaches in its price point.

While the Reatta XL's unique construction techniques guarantee a premium ride, its luxurious interior makes reaching your destination as enjoyable as the journey. Technology and safety features take center stage in the Reatta XL's cab. With a 15-inch Valid digital dash, a 9-inch Xite infotainment screen, and a 32-inch overhead TV, there are multiple ways to configure your GPS and 360 camera for the most accessible navigation of your coach. The windshield is an impressive 120-inch diagonal, the largest in the industry, and pairs with Entegra Coach's cab forward design to provide the best possible view and increase safety.


While the Reatta XL boasts all of the upscale features found in the standard Reatta, such as genuine Italian leather furniture, residential kitchen appliances and premium electronics, the addition of highly-desired amenities takes this diesel pusher to the next level. The Aqua-Hot 250D hydronic heating system not only takes the place of a furnace and water heater but also eliminates extra trips to fill your propane tank by making the Reatta XL an all-electric coach. Unhooking from shore power is easier thanks to a powered cord reel, and when hook-ups aren't available, you'll appreciate the power of the upgraded 10,000W Onan generator. On chilly mornings, electric floor heaters will warm up your porcelain tile floors in no time, and turning them on is easier thanks to an upgraded 10-inch Firefly Mira screen.

Once you have decided the Reatta XL is the diesel pusher you've been searching for, choose from four floorplans, spanning thirty-seven to forty-two feet, to find the best layout for you and your traveling companions. If you're traveling with more than your partner, the 39BH offers a pair of powered bunk beds, while all four floorplans are available with an optional overhead bunk in the cab. Once you've decided on a floorplan, you'll have four wood colors, three interior design packages, and two porcelain floor colors to design the coach you've always dreamed of.

Make your dreams a reality, and leave your mark with the Entegra Coach Reatta XL.

2025 Reatta XL


2025 Reatta XL|37K


2025 Reatta XL|39BH


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2025 Reatta XL|39T2


2025 Reatta XL|40Q3


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Ward = wardrobe

Lav = bathroom sink

Med = medicine cabinet

Ohc = overhead cabinets

Fridge = refrigerator

Micro = microwave

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