2023 Cornerstone

The Cornerstone is the #1 selling Luxury Diesel Motorhome in the Cummins® 605HP engine category. This coach has timeless features and residential touches in every single detail. The 2023 model allows you to focus on your destination and forget about the hassle of travel with safety standards beyond your imagination. Features such as adaptive cruise control with collision mitigation and blind-spot monitoring, a 15 inch digital dash with an integrated 360° camera, a Reyco® Granning® passive-steer tag axle and disc brakes on every axle keep you safe and secure on the road. Passengers and drivers alike will fall in love with the luxurious premium leather Villa® furniture throughout including heated, cooled and massaging driver and passenger seats. After seeing this model and its state-of-the-art entertainment system, you won't forget the impressive feeling of "power meets beauty".

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2023 Cornerstone|45B


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2023 Cornerstone|45D


2023 Cornerstone|45R


2023 Cornerstone|45W


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2023 Cornerstone|45Z


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Ward = wardrobe

Lav = bathroom sink

Med = medicine cabinet

Ohc = overhead cabinets

Fridge = refrigerator

Micro = microwave

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