Top 10 Camping Apps that will Make your Camping Trips Easier

When it comes to camping information, not all apps are created equal. There are plenty of apps out there designed to make camping easier, more safe and more exciting. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten camping apps to help you elevate the fun!


1. Classic Camping Cookbook App: Free

Prepare meals while camping based on cooking method, ingredients, or meal type. This app also allows you to plan out your meals prior to leaving for your epic adventure.


2. First Aid American Red Cross App: Free

This app can be a life saver. Literally. It gives you all of the first aid information you could need in a pinch.


3. RV Checklist App: $0.99

Have you ever arrived at your campsite only to realize you missed something while packing? This problem can become a thing of the past with this helpful app. It has a comprehensive list of typical things ever RVer needs on the road.


4. MyNature Animal Tracks App: $1.99

If you have animal lovers along for the adventure, this app can be really fun to use on a hike. Find out exactly what type of animal made the track that you happen upon.


5. Allstays Camp and RV App: $9.99

There are plenty of RV parks out there. How do you narrow down the ones closest to you, the best rated and the one with the most amenities? This helpful tool is worth the $9.99 price tag. It has a vast database of amazing campgrounds to help make your decision easier.


6. InRoute App: $2.99 a month

Every RV owner knows how scary driving one can be sometimes. With InRoute, you can find routes that are less winding, have no steep grades and it will help you steer clear of inclement weather.


7. KOA Campgrounds App: Free

KOA campgrounds are tried and true options when searching for a place to settle in for the night. Similar to the Allstays app, this app helps you find campgrounds near you that are a sure bet.


8. Localeur App: Free

The best part of traveling somewhere new is trying the local’s favorite restaurant or seeing the best sites. Localeur takes real recommendations from locals and compiles them into one easy list.


9. National Parks App: $1.99 per guide

The US has hundreds of beautiful national parks waiting to be discovered. This app makes planning a trip to Yellowstone or Yosemite so much easier.


10. Sanidumps App: Free

Never be stuck carting around full waste tanks again. Sanidumps is an app that locates the nearest dump station for you so you can get back to having fun!


You didn’t think we would forget the most important app of all, did you!?

Entegra Coach App: Free

Recommended for all owners of Entegra Coach motorhomes, this handy app allows users to locate nearby camping, entertainment, dining, fuel and even dealer service locations. It also includes Entegra Coach owner’s manuals, highway regulations specific to each U.S. state and helpful manufacturer videos specific to the product line. Finally, the app offers owners the option to share photos from their favorite Entegra Coach excursions while keeping up with other owners through the Community Chat section.


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